Anti-social behaviour continues in Werrington


Police in Werrington have once again stepped up patrols and had a dispersal order authorised to continue to tackle anti-social behaviour.
A dispersal order is in place for the duration of the weekend after reports of anti-social behaviour causing distress to residents.
The moorlands neighborhood policing team say they will be taking a zero tolerance policy on Anti-social behaviour.
Since lockdown began 5 dispersal orders have been authorised in Werrington following anti-social behaviour.
The Moorlands policing team took to social media to say
“Local Officers are patrolling the Werrington area today and throughout the evening in response to recent reports of anti-social behaviour. There is a Section 34 Dispersal Order in place over the weekend to enable officers to tackle the problems.

When in effect, it is an offence to:

Fail to comply with a direction from PCs/PCSOs to disperse from the area.
Fail to surrender items likely to cause antisocial behaviour when asked by PCs/PCSOs.
Return within a specified period after directed to disperse from the area.
Offices will be taking action and have a zero-tolerance approach. “