Canal and River trust update on damaged canal bridge

The Canal and river trust have now demolished bridge 37 on the Cauldon Canal between Leek and Endon after cracks began to appear in the base of it. The canal and river trust gained permission from the local conservation officer at the council as the bridge was listed.
Temporary access for boaters along the canal is due to be reinstated today.

Currently no timescale has been finalised for the reinstatement of the bridge.

A spokeswoman for the canal and river trust said:
“The bridge has now been demolished by the Canal & River Trust. After large cracks appeared in the base of the bridge supports it was deemed by our engineers of being unsafe so we have been out on the canal these last few days removing the bridge. As the bridge is listed we needed to get permission from the local conservation officer at the council. The work is due to be completed tomorrow after which time the temporary access over the canal for boaters will be reinstated.

We don’t have timescales or the plan for when the bridge will be reinstated.”

Joe Pointon
News Editor

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