Community First Responders could be stripped of blue lights and right to administer life saving drugs


Community first responders in Staffordshire have been told that from April 2020 they may no longer be allowed to use blue lights or administer drugs despite being trained to do so

In Staffordshire, approximately 10% of Community first Redponders are classed as “enhanced” which means they are trained to use vehicles fitted with blue lights which enable them to get to locations more quickly.

Community First Responders are equipped with and trained to administer drugs including Salbutamol which helps people with breathing problems and they can assist people who have suffered serious medical conditions such as cardiac arrest.

Local MP Karen Bradley has written to the Health Secretary, together with other Staffordshire MPs, in support of the Community First Responders that operate across Staffordshire.

Karen commented,

“Given that these proposed changes are likely to come into force next month, we have asked the Health Secretary to investigate urgently on behalf of our constituents.

“I would be happy to raise individual cases and ask any local residents who have specific concerns on the issue to email me with details.”