Emergency services are asking residents to consider them whilst parking


Staffordshire’s emergency services are asking residents to consider emergency vehicles whilst parking. It follows an incident whereby it took fire crews from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and additional 15 minutes to attend a blaze due to a number of vehicles which they say were parked inappropriately

Station Manager Ed Case said: “We understand that people want to park outside their homes but we just ask you to consider if a fire appliance or other emergency vehicle would be able to get through. It was very fortunate that this incident was a bin fire and not a blaze at someone’s home or a serious collision where they might have been trapped waiting for us to go and rescue them.

“In this case it took 15 minutes to get the engine through the street, with two firefighters guiding them through. In a serious incident those minutes are precious and could be the difference between someone making it out of a fire or not