Karen Bardley MP – Weekly Column 15/11

Article submitted by Karen Bradley – Member of Parliament for the Staffordshire Moorlands:

We have such a wealth of artistic talent in the Moorlands and I am always delighted to be invited to visit our local artists to see their work and to see how I can help. It was therefore lovely to visit Robin Wight and his family in Oakamoor this week to see some of his FantasyWire sculptures.

Robin and his team work with wire and metal to create some amazing pieces of art.  From his trademark fairies to dandelions, made by his daughter Amy, and daisies, you will have seen his work at Trentham Gardens and on TV.

The sculptures are truly amazing and the work that goes into each one is incredible – each full-sized fairy takes Robin one month to make.  This means that each piece is unique and made from high quality, sustainable materials.

Sadly, FantasyWire has been a target of scammers.  There are advertisements on social media using Robin’s copyrighted photographs that purport to be selling authentic sculptures, but which are all fake.  I have been working with Robin to raise his case with Ministers and to see whether we can change the law to make this type of fraud harder.

Robin’s latest project is a new, life-sized fairy sculpture for Trentham Gardens.  This commission is dedicated to the NHS and will be installed and unveiled in January.  It is intended to provide a place of contemplation and raise awareness for organ donation.  Robin’s idea is to get the nation talking about what feels is often a taboo subject so that loved ones learn about the benefits that organ donation can bring.

I can assure you that this new piece of art is already stunning and will be even more so once completed.  For more information, please go to fantasywire.co.uk and don’t fall foul of the fraudsters.

Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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