Knife crime to be tackled in week of action

Evil criminal with large sharp knife ready for robbery or to commit a homicide

Staffordshire Police will be starting an assertive response to knife crime in the county from Tuesday as part of Operation Sceptre.

The week of action, which is supported by police forces across the country from 18-24 September, will see Staffordshire Police officers and staff give a renewed focus on educating people about knife crime and deterring people from carrying knives when out and about.

This year we will be providing a much more visible deterrent for people carrying knives, with officers out and about with knife wands – devices that can detect knives on a person. We are deploying the wands with officers to targeted locations across the county to discourage those who think they are safer carrying a knife.

Enforcement will also be a key pillar of the week of action, with a variety of operations planned to crack down on those habitual knife carriers and members of organised crime groups that use knives for intimidation and harm.

We are also working with our local authority and education partners to visit as many local schools, colleges and universities as possible to deliver key messages on the dangers and consequences of carrying knives. It is hoped that through educating young people on this topic we can empower them to make better decisions later in life that do not endanger themselves and those around them.

Superintendent Ricky Fields, the force’s strategic lead for knife crime, said: “Knife crime continues to go up and so we are keen to do everything we can with partners to deter people from using and carrying knives. Every neighbourhood policing team has created an operational plan demonstrating how they will help to meet our primary objective of reducing knife crime in Staffordshire, so I’m looking forward to seeing some great results in the week ahead.

“Throughout the week we hope to update you further with the outcome of these operations and initiatives and would encourage everyone to talk about this important issue with friends and family to spread the message far and wide.”


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