Manny Oyeleke delighted with how he’s settled into Staffordshire life.


Port Vale midfielder Manny Oyeleke says he is settled after his summer move up north.

Oyeleke is a London lad and has played for club’s based in the capital including Chelsea, QPR, Brentford, Aldershot and Woking before making the move to Port Vale back in June 2018.

He said: “I’m happy, it’s not London it’s different. But I don’t mind it and it’s quieter and that might suit me a bit more than the fast pace London life which I’m used to.

“I’m really happy with everything around here. It’s got everything you need, it’s got a Nandos so that is all I need, a Nandos and a roof over my head so I’m really happy with how everything is going off and on the pitch.

“There is two Nandos which are not too far from each other, I’ve discovered.”

With no game for the Vale, this weekend thoughts can start turning to the small matter of the Checkatrade trophy on Tuesday night when Stoke City under 23s visit Vale Park.

The Potters have already sold out their allocation of 4,000 tickets and Oyeleke is hoping the Valiants can match the Potters for support.

He said: “We’re looking forward to it more so for the fans, when we heard that they sold out one of their stands I think it highlighted to us just how big of a fixture it is for their fans and I’m sure our fans will respond in the same way.

“I’m sure they will want to play the first team. But regardless of who we play, we want to be in it as it’s a cup game that can get us to Wembley, we want to win any competition we are in.

“It’s still another game it’s still 90 minutes, nothing more than that so we don’t want to make it bigger than that.

“But we do realise that there is more on the line and we’re looking forward to it.”

Not since 2002 have these two sides met in any competition apart from the odd reserves game so the game takes on quite a bit of significance.

Prior to 2002, the two sides have met many times across their respective histories which mean that Vale boss Neil Aspin and Football Advisor John Rudge have experienced the Potteries derby in the past.

Although we’re still a few days away from the big game neither have started drumming in the importance of the game to Oyleke and his teammates.

Oyeleke said: “They haven’t really spoken about the game as we’re not that close to the match, I’m sure when we get closer, they will properly drum it into us.

“I’m sure the gaffer (Neil Aspin) has played in one of the derbies if not two of them and John Rudge has experience as well so they will definitely let us know the importance of the game.”

You can hear more from Manny on Saturday in our Sports show from 2 pm.


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