Moorlands Radio Turns 10


Moorlands Radio started broadcasting full time on November 7th 2009 at 10:03:07 by Tony Mullins and Mervyn Gamage.

In 2019 Moorlands Radio has expanded and is still going strong thanks to the hours of dedication put in by the volunteers who run the station. Moorlands radio is still helping give the community a voice in the Staffordshire Moorlands whilst providing entertainment and local news to the community it represents.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary Moorlands radio invited local councillors, Community groups and friends of the station to a coffee morning to celebrate this milestone.

The event allowed community groups that Moorlands radio supports meet local councillors and allowed a great networking event for all parties.

Moorlands Radio also announced that the FM license which allows moorlands radio to broadcast on 103.7fm to the Staffordshire Moorlands had been renewed by Ofcom meaning the station has permission to broadcast on FM for another 5 years.

Moorlands radio is proud to help give community groups in the moorlands a voice and help them showcase the amazing work that they carry out.

In addition to the coffee morning to celebrate the 10th anniversary Moorlands Radio is proud to announce it will be Launching Moorlands Xtra, an online radio station to help promote even more community activity in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Moorlands Xtra will be a platform for Live events to be streamed uninterrupted, Talk based shows and offer more Alternative music and repeats of the Specialist shows that go out on Moorlands Radio.

Xtra will also be the home of our midweek sports specials and our dedicated sports team will also feature one off weekend events showcasing the best of Moorlands sports.

Moorlands Xtra is set to launch on December 1st Online While Moorlands Radio continues to broadcast on 103.7fm, Online or via the free smartphone app.