Port Vale manager John Askey on the Premier League winter break


Port Vale manager John Askey says he can’t see the winter break becoming part of the English Football League even if the Premier League are taking a break over the next fortnight.

Matchday 26 for the Premier League will be staggered across the next two weekends with four games taking place this weekend (8th-9th February) while the remaining six games will take place the weekend after (15-17th February).

However, the Vale boss doesn’t see it becoming part of life in the EFL.

He said: “It’s difficult in the football league because clubs are smaller and need the revenue, especially around the Christmas time when it brings in big crowds like we did.

“That is the hardest part for teams like us that if you do have a winter break, then it’s the revenue you lose out on.”

While Port Vale are at Northampton on Saturday, some Premier League teams are off to the likes of Dubai and Marbella. While other players have been able to get away from the cold weather in England with Liverpool goalkeeper Allison heading home to Brazil, while Joe Gomez and Adam Lallana are in the USA.

Although this winter break is only for Premier League teams, Askey wouldn’t mind a holiday.

He joked: “I think we should have three or four weeks off, so I can get away.”

Before continuing: “It’s funny because they complain about how many games they’ve got, yet they want the Champions League to be a league and, not a knockout competition, it’s all about the money isn’t it.

“They virtually play all year round and, they do need a break because it cheats the public because players can’t keep playing day in day out.

“They say they need a break, but they can have a break if they didn’t go into so many competitions.”

You can hear more from John Askey tomorrow afternoon during the Sports Show from 2pm.