If you ever wondered what your favourite presenter looks like then your in the right place.

You can find all of the Moorlands Radio presenters right here on the Presenter page. You can now put a face to the presenters.

Some of them even have blogs, just click the presenters image to visit their blog.

Matt H
Glyn Andrews
Jason Whitehurst
Joe Pointon
Laura Hurst
Gavin Capper
Garry Bossons
Katrina Luton
Ozz Osbourne
Kingsley Sime
Tracy Simms-Patterson
Chris Wilson
Brian Matthews
Tony Mullins
Mervyn Gamage
April McCafferty
Nicky King
Tony Walley
Ian Corbishley
Dave Stringer
Dave Lee
Callum Jackson
Richard Scott
Mike Stubbs
Dave Wilson
Neil Freeman
Simon Devereaux
John Williams
John Green
Bill Cawley
Simon Jones
Glyn Williams
Tom Lowe
Steve Jenner