Small Increase in Burglaries in Clayton Area of Newcastle-under-Lyme

Officers are investigating a small spate of residential burglaries in the Clayton area of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a small increase in reports of this activity, whereby local policing teams are increasing patrols and concentrating investigative efforts.

PC Lucy Preston, of Newcastle Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We would like to advise the public to take the necessary steps to protect their belongings from criminals.

“Although there has been a small increase in burglaries in the Clayton area, there are key methods everyone can follow to significantly discourage potential burglars.”

Ensure you do not leave valuable items in-sight of windows or access points. This includes leaving packaging from expensive items outside the property.

Burglars target homes which they think contain valuables.

When leaving the house, particularly at routine times such as school closures and office hours, make sure all access points are secured and closed.

Burglars are often aware of the times in which someone is expected to be away from their home.

If possible, install CCTV or a smart doorbell to your property. This will significantly discourage burglars.

Ensure that keys to vehicles are kept in a secure location and not in plain-sight, such as a kitchen surface.  Some burglars will choose a home because of a specific vehicle on the driveway, often more expensive cars and motorcycles.

If possible, make sure out-houses like sheds and garages are locked. Burglars are aware that sheds and garages are not always secured. It may be best practice to move valuable items to a more secure location.

Pay attention to cold callers who knock your door. They may be scouting the property for a future burglary.

If you are suspicious of any vehicles or persons loitering around your property, report this to 101.

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Tony Walley
Tony Walley
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