Snow begins to fall in the Moorlands


Snow has begun to fall across higher parts of the moorlands.

Snow has started to cause slow moving traffic between Blackshaw moor and Buxton with Flash bar stores webcam showing heavy snow on the A53.
Buxton weather watcher on Facebook has said “ It’s currently snowing! A bit of a surprise, but it is November and it is Buxton, so anything is possible weather-wise. It’s settling readily above 400 metres of elevation so do bear this in mind if you’re planning on travelling in the next hour or so, as this system looks fairly slow-moving, so we can expect another few hours of precipitation, rain/sleet/snow, a mixture to lower levels but more readily snow and settling above 400 metres. Steadily becoming drier overnight, and a mixture of showers and hopefully sunshine tomorrow, a maximum temperature of 7C.”

Staffordshire county council said this afternoon that Gritters were on standby as shower could turn winters into this evening