Wildlife trust thanks people for donations following appeal to purchase Gun Moor


Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has received vital support from hundreds of people which will allow it to purchase a 78 hectare site called Gun Moor, north of Leek – an area vital to endangered wildlife and rare plants including a range of sphagnum moss species. 
People rallied behind the charity’s appeal to raise more than £50,000 which will go towards completing the purchase of Gun Moor. The Trust is in the process of submitting applications and bids to cover the remaining amount needed.

Jeff Sim, Senior Conservation Manager for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, said: “We’ve been blessed with hundreds of donations – which we’re eternally grateful for, and want to thank everyone who donated for their generosity and kindness.
“As a charity, we rely on donations to carry out our work and allow us to buy land and equipment to care for reserves.
“These funds will allow us complete the purchase for Gun Moor – a site so important to wildlife and a whole host of plant species. We can’t thank people enough for allowing us to raise the money needed”