Coronavirus: Increase in Anti social behaviour in Biddulph town centre


Police have announced that they are currently investigating an increase in anti social behaviour in Biddulph Town centre following school closures.

They say they are investigating the identity of the Children involved who will be dealt with for Breaches of public order offences

A spokesperson for Staffordshire Police said :

“Since the schools have started sending students home during the week, then ultimately closing the schools, we have seen an increase of anti social behaviour from students in Biddulph town centre. We would remind people there is a public space protection order in place, details can be found at We are currently investigation and identifying children responsible, who will be dealt with for any breaches and public order offences.
We would like to remind children, parents and carers that the schools have been closed for a reason and children should not be congregating in public when social distancing and stay at home advice is in place. Failing to do this puts yourselves and others at needless risk. # socialresponsibility”