Coronavirus: Women being induced for labour can’t have birthing partners until in labour


As Royal Stoke University hospital has suspended visiting they have confirmed that the restrictions include women who are due to give birth.

Normally UHNM allows one birthing partner to stay with women while they are being induced which can last a number of days and two birthing partners while in established labour

Women being induced will now have to go through the procedure alone and will only be allowed t have one birthing partner at the time of established labour.

Induction of labour involves multiple invasive examinations and procedures in which one birthing partner would be allowed to be on hand 24/7 as support for the women.

UHNM released a statement today
“patients due to give birth, only one birth partner can be present for established labour and birth. If you are being induced our team will call the birth partner when you are in established labour.

Anyone attending an appointment, A&E, or an antenatal scan, should attend alone where possible or be accompanied by just one family member or carer if absolutely necessary.”