UHNM make preparations for treating and containing coronavirus


Staff from across the university hospital north midlands trust have pulled together to help tackle the Coronavirus outbreak preparations. Currently there have been no cases across the North Midlands area to date, the outbreak has created extra responsibilities on top of an already busy workload.

Michelle Rhodes, Chief Nurse, said: “The work ethic across the trust has just been fantastic. Staff all over the hospital are really going above and beyond to make patients, staff and visitors as safe as possible. The coronavirus outbreak is not something that we could have planned for specifically, but we do have very robust procedures already in place and our wonderful infection prevention team have been working with different departments to ensure these are followed correctly. Unfortunately it is impossible to thank everyone individually for their hard work and dedication, but I really want to stress how much we appreciate the extra time and effort that so many teams are putting into ensuring the wellbeing of everyone who uses the hospital. It is very important that we recognise their efforts.”

Infectious diseases consultant Dr Neena Bodasing and microbiology lead consultant Dr Jeorge Orendi have been helping to educate and reassure staff with their expert guidance and insight.

Since the outbreak, consultant and senior nursing colleagues in Paediatrics, Maternity and Critical Care have come together to help manage and facilitate new processes.

Ward 117 have been managing the process for patients who present with symptoms.

Emma Smith, Junior Sister on Ward 117, said: “The team have been absolutely brilliant, I can’t praise them enough. We have had to take on lots of extra work and learn new skills, but they’ve had a really positive attitude. Amongst other things, they have received training in the donning and removal of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), we’ve created specialist guides and have been helping staff in other departments to be accurately fitted for protective masks. We all work together and rely on each other to get the job done properly.”

Dr Ann-Marie Morris, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, said: “From an emergency department perspective, we particularly want to thank the staff on ward 117, who have been caring for patients directly so that they do not need to come in via the emergency department. This is different to the situation in a number of other hospitals and we continue to very much appreciate the team’s dedication.”

Two schools in bordering Cheshire are closed after skiing trips returned from Italy where seven people have died and more than 200 suspected and confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been recorded in what has become Europe’s biggest outbreak of the illness.

Anyone who suspects they may have contracted the virus is told to self isolate and contact NHS 111