Everybody loves radio. It’s on while you’re getting ready for work in the morning or making the dinner in the evening.

It’s on while you’re in the car, and for some people, it is on all day as well. If you’ve got a message that you would like to get across, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you do it.

Our creative team will blow you away.

They’re constantly innovating and delivering new ideas to help clients stand out. Couple this to their understanding of what makes people tick and you can begin to appreciate the value that they add to your campaign.

Promotions can quickly build excitement and participation, while sponsorships allow you to build awareness of your brand over a period of time, via on-air activity, off-air events or online.

With a massive listenership across the Moorlands we can will tailor a advertising campaign that will engage your potential customers.

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    "It was a big step for me to commit to monthly advertising but what a great move it has been. Almost every day I have someone new come to find my shop on the basis of hearing my advert. I never imagined what a powerful tool it would be. The team at Moorlands Radio are incredibly helpful and accommodating making the whole process easy and smooth.  Money well spent and a pleasure too!"