Biddulph Councillor Urges Public to be Vigilant about Litter and Fly-Tipping


A Biddulph Town & Moorlands District Councillor has urged the public to be vigilant about litter and fly-tipping.

Nigel Yates Town & Moorlands District Councillor for the Biddulph West ward is concerned about the increase in litter around the town and the incidents of fly-tipping in the green space and country lanes around the area.

Cllr Yates has spent a large amount of time travelling around the area and has witnessed first-hand the mess left behind at popular spots and picnic areas. He and his fellow ward councillor recovered a large amount of rubbish including bottles and cans on Sunday 21st March.

He thinks there is a connection between the increase of littering and the ‘stay local’ message which is a part of the current government Coronavirus guidelines.

Moorlands Radio’s News & Sports Editor recently spoke with Cllr Nigel Yates about the issue: [Listen]