Burslem Port Trust to Partner with the Staffordshire Mammal Group

The Burslem Port Trust are partnering with the Staffordshire Mammal Group for a wildlife walk event on Sunday 21st November 2021, in which they will start the process of identifying the variety of mammal species on the site of the disused Burslem Branch Canal.

Derek Crawley, chair of the Staffordshire Mammal Group, plus colleagues, will co-lead the walk from 1pm starting at the footbridge at the bottom of Angels Way, then taking in a circular route which will explore the habitats within the diverse urban landscape of the former canal.

The Staffordshire Mammal Group will set up a series of small mammal survey stations which will be suitable for both children and adults on the day. They will also be looking for tracks and signs of mammal activity on site. Attendees are encouraged to bring wellies, waterproofs and gloves when taking part and advised that some parts of the walk may be slippery or uneven under foot.

Derek Crawley says:

“We are really looking forward to exploring the disused Burslem Branch Canal site for this exciting November event. The Staffordshire Mammal Group regularly survey other parts of Staffordshire with the aim of sharing knowledge and promoting the study of mammals and recording species in Staffordshire. We were delighted to have been approached by the Burslem Port Trust to start in the process of identifying and recording species on this urban site, and look forward to sharing our findings and results with the local community.”

The Burslem Port Trust have also asked that anyone else with expertise or enthusiasm in ecology or biodiversity, to contact them ahead of the walk if they would like to help identify species.

The nature walk of the Burslem Branch Canal will take place on Sunday 21st November 2021, from 13:00 – 14:30 with the aim of identifying as many species as possible in order to better understand the environmental value and ecological significance of the Burslem Branch Canal as a green corridor.

The disused Burslem Branch Canal is a post-industrial site located between Middleport and Burslem within Stoke-on-Trent.  With a lack of human intervention in recent years, the site is now teaming with life such as Kingfishers, Voles, Iris, Lupins, and many other species.

The walk is also open to those who do not have any experience and would like to learn more about the site. The meeting point is: Burslem Port Footbridge, at the bottom of Angels Way, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 3PR, (also accessible from Navigation Road ST6 3AF) at 13.00 on Sunday 21st November 2021. Please contact us for any further information.

For those who have interest or experience in biodiversity or ecology and would like to get involved, please get in touch via info@burslemport.org.uk.

Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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