Businesses Urged to Remain Cautious after Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions

Staffordshire businesses are being urged to maintain precautions to minimise the spread of coronavirus after the easing of national restrictions from July 19.

Whilst vaccination rates are high and hospitalisation figures are still low, cases in Staffordshire are increasing. Businesses are encouraged to ensure employees are continuing to have regular tests and isolate if they have a positive result.

People are being urged to take sensible precautions to minimise the spread of the virus, including good hygiene, social distancing, ventilation and businesses encouraging employees to take regular lateral flow tests.

Staffordshire County Council’s support cabinet support member for public health Johnny McMahon said: “We want businesses to give their employees the confidence that they are taking reasonable steps to minimise their risk of infection. Covid-19 security is good for business.

“Some people have serious medical conditions that suppress their immune system. They cannot count on protection from the vaccines and may be at high risk from Covid-19 complications.

“We’d urge businesses to give consideration to flexible ways of working which allow them to do their jobs with minimum contact with others.”

Tony Walley
Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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