Kickstarters relishing opportunity in firearms licensing

Young people in Staffordshire have kickstarted their careers in firearms and explosives licensing as part of a national government-led initiative to boost their employment skills.

Recruits Alisha Bungar and Heidi Maddock are part of Staffordshire Police’s recent intake as part of the six-month Kickstart scheme, aimed at enhancing their experience portfolio.

As part of their work in the licensing team, both Alisha and Heidi have been taught how to use relevant public sector IT software, begun to understand the internal processes carried out by policing staff and learned how the variety of roles within the licensing department work together to achieve positive outcomes.

They are also assisting officers in booking in various firearms deployments across the force area.

Alisha said: “I’m so pleased to have a part to play in helping the administrative process within the licensing department.

“It is a complex area of business with lots of elements to learn and understand.

“I’m so grateful to those that are allowing me to shadow their work and help where I can in this important process.”

All of the Kickstart employees receive guided tuition from dedicated support staff throughout their role, ensuring their development is on-track and they are able to complete their duties effectively.

Heidi said: “The force has supported me so well.

“All the team are friendly and help me whenever I have any questions or queries. I really feel like I can approach anyone here.

“The scheme is giving me real-world experience of what it is like to work in a police environment, how to handle particular software and the core skills needed to work in the public sector.

“Everyone has been so supportive, no matter the questions I ask, and has made me feel so welcome since starting in February.”

The government initiative is due to end in September 2022 and the organisation is currently scoping out alternative routes for continuing to support young people into work.

Staffordshire Police is also currently recruiting full-time and part-time operational and non-operational roles.

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