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Late red card is highlight of Stoke’s 0-0 with Millwall

Barely a shot on target all day, and a late Millwall red card is the story of this forgettable draw. Gary Rowett will be the happier manager. Which is strange: I don’t really see him as a happy guy. Here’s how this debacle unfolded in real time:
Yes, welcome back Gary Rowett, manager at Stoke for only 7 months. He’s doing wonders at Millwall, now on the threshold of the Premier league with 4 wins in 6. So, what is he doing there that he couldn’t do here?? Michael O’Neill is playing mind-games by being unchanged, except to include returning Verlinden on the bench. Big news: Stoke water the away end extensively, only for them to lose the toss and have Millwall switch ends! Cheeky.
5.39 As Tyrese hits a decent shot just over – his dad will be demanding a huge contract or a high-level transfer as a result – the Millwall fans begin a tirade of four-lettered sectarian abuse towards James McClean. Didn’t they get the memo? Maybe the plan is to do it when he doesn’t have the ball so they can’t be accused of targeting him. They’re much more on form talking-up Gary Rowett as their messiah. Apparently, there’s only one Gary Rowett.
10.01 With players slipping around the damp end of the pitch, Bradshaw hits one for the corner which Jack flaps away like he’s paid to do. Nothing to see here.
21.47 Millwall playing excellent containment  football, with Stoke stuck in their own half…until they twice lose the ball in tough tackling (Joe Allen), and are then surprised (like we are) that Stoke have any strikers (Vokes in particular).

26.52 For some reason Jake Cooper mis-controlling the ball whilst trying to be cocky is the funniest thing to happen today. The ball flies off him into touch, & it’s a real giggle.
32.40 Stoke zigzag up the pitch, with Indi eventually crossing for Vokes to head just wide. What’s with this zigzag movement? Are we crabs or what?
34.44 Stoke now playing with some verve, which is a puzzle to Rowett as he’s never seen them do this before.
42.50 McClean forgets he’s a left winger, so Indi rushes over to cover. McClean nips back to left wing, snaps a cross, and Vokes is just wide again. Goalkeeper injures himself somehow. Strangely, he blasts the goal kick into touch…just as he’s done 3 times already today. What’s his problem?
45+1 Gary’s old team 0 Gary’s new team 0
45.01 Weird kickoff. Millwall immediately try and lob Jack. Daft.
Attendance – 22515, more Stoke fans turning up to see Huddersfield like game, less away fans…as it’s only Millwall, not Wednesday.
51.15 Now Jack is putting the ball into touch. Maybe the wind is playing more a part than we first thought.
52.57 Beautiful flick by Joe then one from Powell, gives Nick a shot opportunity, but just over…
58.20 As keeper Bialkowski  comes running out, Tyrese is instructed to shoot from distance. Thankfully he saves that party trick for another time.
61.20 More fancy footwork from Nick Powell, but McClean’s subsequent cross sails off towards Uttoxeter.
 64.01 As Stoke suddenly lay siege to Millwall’s goal, Tyrese heads towards an empty net, but it’s cleared off the line. At the other end Bradshaw is seen in a replay to clearly dive for a penalty. He’s immediately substituted.
71.55 Millwall seem to have an extra man. Why? Because they’re wearing black shirts, black shorts & black socks…just like the ref!!! What the hell is that all about! They may have white short sleeves, but then the ref has white patches on his sleeves. Crazy.
79.05 Verlinden on for McClean…just as predicted.
82.12 Clucas foolishly slide-tackles and somehow avoids a card. This leads on to…
83.30 Red card! Nasty challenge on Lindsay head-first (& elbow) by Shaun Williams. Riot & punch up on pitch!
88.10 Gregory on for Martins Indi. MoN going for it.
89.01 Nick Powell is up-ended nastily. Yellow card. Crowd now chanting how “poor” they think Rowett’s football style is.
90+4 Ref blows early, despite the red card & injury. Rowett can claim revenge for something or other. 0-0 will do him. Sad, really.

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