Man Jailed Following Series of Staffordshire Burglaries

A 44-year-old man from Fenton has been jailed for a series of burglaries across Staffordshire.

James Casey, of Stanier Street, was sentenced to eight years in prison at Wood Green Crown Court on 24 June. It’s following a trial where he was convicted of five burglaries and two motor vehicle theft offences on the Staffordshire force area last year.

Casey was also convicted of a number of burglary offences on the Metropolitan Police force area.

Casey’s offences in Staffordshire occurred between 9 October and 24 October 2020 and involved two residential daytime burglaries in which he stole motor vehicles. In all, Casey targeted properties in Hanley, Newcastle, Longton, Meir and Lightwood – stealing thousands of pounds in cash and causing significant damage to some.

Sergeant Marc Proctor from Staffordshire Police said: “Casey caused a significant amount of distress for the victims of his crimes and we’re really pleased with the sentence handed to him by the courts.

“We hope it acts as a deterrent for anyone wishing to commit similar crimes in our county.”

Tony Walley
Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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