Returning a ‘Stoke Scot’ to the rails for its 100th Birthday

On the 23rd January 2024, locomotive no. 44422 was legally transferred from the ‘44422 Locomotive Company Ltd’ to the ‘North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978) Ltd’. Since then efforts have been made to look at returning the locomotive to steam once more and resurrect ‘The Stoke Scot’ for the next generation of people to experience.

44422 is one of only four former LMS 4Fs left, and became the flagship of the embryonic railway preservation scheme in North Staffordshire. Such locomotives gained the local title of ‘Stoke Scots’ due to their ability to handle the more long distance services across the region and the fact they broke up the dominance of tank engines at all the local sheds. With this it was seen as a priority to focus on ensuring this local legacy continued, which was achieved with the purchase and transfer of 44422 from Barry Scrapyard to Cheddleton.

Arriving in 1977, 44422 first returned to action in 1992 and visited a number of railways before being withdrawn for overhaul. A second overhaul saw the locomotive return to action in 2004 but the loco was withdrawn in 2013 due to boiler issues. A fast track overhaul was completed that allowed the locomotive to appear at the Somerset & Dorset 50th Anniversary of closure, but she was withdrawn once more in 2018 for a mechanical overhaul that is as yet to occur.

Following the transfer of the loco to the charitable NSRC, a joint project with the Churnet Valley Railway (1992) PLC is being launched to ensure 44422 is in steam for its 100th Birthday having been constructed at Derby Works on 7th October 1927.

The first priority will be to get her wheels in motion, and complete repairs identified in a mechanical survey. The speed at which this will be feasible solely depends upon finance, for as no work will be completed that can’t be afforded. The NSRC will be overseeing fundraising, which will be enhanced with the claiming of Gift Aid, whilst the CVR will oversee the physical engineering work.

For more information please visit or send an enquiry to The NSRC has successfully supported the CVR for a number of years, and there is a firm commitment to continue this relationship once more in restoring the flagship locomotive to steam once more. Donations of any amount can be made to the NSRC via

Tony Mullins
Tony Mullins
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