Review: Calling Planet Earth @ The Victoria Hall


There is always a certain amount of trepidation about attending a musical performance when the artistes are going to provide a show of covers. Even more so if the covers happen to be of your favourite type of music. Will the music just be a parody of the original? Will the performers be able to capture the spirit of former musical heroes?

There should never be any fear of attending such a show at the Victoria Hall. Their evenings of entertainment rarely disappoint and from the first bars of the opening music, members of the audience just knew that they were in for a treat.

Calling Planet Earth claims to be a symphony of Eighties music that will take you back to that Romantic era. The claim is backed up in spades as testified by the raucous applause from the well-attended audience at the end of an evening of nostalgia. And it wasn’t just an audience of middle-aged in attendance as a fair smattering of those who had been a mere twinkle in the eye forty years ago were swept along by the fantastic vocals and instrumentals from a talented trio of performers.

The acid test of a concert such as Planet Earth is to close the eyes and concentrate on the music. Does it sound like the original? In this case it is a resounding yes. In the words of X Factor, they absolutely nailed it.

Not that many of those attending just sat back and listened. Rarely have I seen so many people rise to their feet so early into a show and by the end of the evening there was barely a bum on a seat. Just be warned. If you do go to one of the performances of Calling Planet Earth then you will wake the following morning with a throat sore from singing and cheering, hands that sting from all of the clapping and if, like me you have tried to relive your youth by busting the moves of yesteryear, hip and knee joints that you fear will never be the same again.

I am sure like me most of the audience members would be very happy to see the same show again and again as the decade was brought back to life. The really good thing is that there is so much great music from the 80s that couldn’t be fitted into this performance that Calling Planet Earth 2 is a real possibility.

If you get the chance to book a ticket as the show continues its tour then grab the opportunity with both hands. You’ll be in for a great night. Can’t wait for a re-run!!