Staffordshire Police and Fire Crews Receive Hydration Donation from Local Business

Officers from Staffordshire Police’s Northern Response Team and local Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service crews, have welcomed a generous businessman to their base in Hanley as he donated snacks and drinks to keep personnel going through the pandemic.

Hardeep Badwal, who runs The Premier Inn Store in Hanford, told police he and his sister Jagdeep, wanted to make the donation in order to help lift officers’ and fire fighters’ spirits.

Mr Badwal visited the force’s joint Smithfield site on Thursday (25 February) to make the donation of 204 bottles of Ribena sparkling drink and 24 multi-packs of Walkers Crisps.

He said: “I just wanted to thank all the police officers and fire fighters that work there for their efforts throughout the pandemic.

“They do such a good job across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire,” he added.

Detective Constable Dave Stubbs, a Federation Representative for Staffordshire Police who works at the Smithfield site, said: “This unexpected but kind gesture by a local businessman is very much appreciated by both police officers and fire fighters who are continuing to serve with professionalism and compassion during these difficult times; putting themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis to keep the public and communities they serve safe.”

Inspector Lee Robinson, who met Mr Badwal, said: “There is nothing better than a thank you on behalf of the public to boast morale.

“Officers are continuing to do all they can to support individuals and businesses as we look forward to actioning the government’s roadmap out of the coronavirus restrictions and this donation has helped us realise there are positive changes coming for us all.”

Anyone who would like to contact the force or the fire service on behalf of their community can do so on Facebook or Twitter.

Tony Walley
Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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