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Stoke City beat leaders Albion in classic win

Stoke (0) 1 Baggies 0 – 1/10/21 7.45

A historic win against the top-dogs, but it took more than hitting the post, the bar & a penalty to do it. Here’s how Stoke pulled it off in real time:
It’s all excitement as league-leaders Albion take on 5th place City live on Sky…no, the real excitement is that West Brom are here to break the rule that Stoke always (or very nearly always) beat them! Fletch returns to the bench, but Joe Allen & (amazingly) James Chester replace Sawyers (ineligible) and Leo Oystercard (benched). Noise up to 11. Stoke end could be busier.
4.55 Vrancic tries a back heel that goes disastrously wrong. Too cocky for a game like this. Stoke players not being given a second on the ball.
8.55 Brown breaks, but his shot comes back off the left post, leaving Joe Allen to drive inches wide! It’s nice to scare the Baggies!
11.40 Uh, Furlong is wiping down the ball with a silly pink towel in preparation for his long throw! he even walks the towel on to the pitch! Sick.
19.25 Callum Robinson gets three bites of the cherry, and still can’t get close to beating Adam Davies. It’s the tufty hair, I think.
34.15 MON O’Neill is having a long chat with the linesman, no doubt about him calling Smith offside (which he was).
39.40 Stoke goal disallowed!!! After good work by Vrancic, defender Furlong heads the ball back to the keeper only for it to go in the corner of the goal! The ref reckons Vrancic fouled Robinson, but the replays say NO! Controversial!
HT Should be 1-0, but it’s actually 0-0!!
45.00 Ref blows whistle for kick-off, then decides Stoke need to take it again! Uh?
Attendance: 22703
47.05 Vrancic’s free-kick hits the bar and over! More scares for the Baggies.
49.44 Livermore booked for raking down SuperMario. It was only a matter of time.
56.53 Surridge on for Brown! He’s immediately tripped beside the box.
62.25 MON has his big coat on. It’s officially winter!
64.40 Joe is tackled from behind, and can’t believe there’s no booking
65.40 Surridge hits Tymon’s cross straight at the keeper! Again! What is the matter with the guy!
69.05 Tymon’s shot is saved, but the keeper fouls Surridge. However, Sam’s penalty is…straight at the keeper!!! What is going on???
73.45 Now Adam Davies handles outside the box! And gets yellowed! grief.
75.30 Fletcher on for Vrancic.
78.45 1-0 !! Powell beats the offside trap and lobs the keeper! Albion can’t believe it! Nor can I. I thought it was Fletcher! Great pass by Cracker Smith!
85.30 Powell is finally replaced by Alfie Doughty.
86.05 A cross hits Harry’s arm which is by his side, but the Albion crowd yell “handball!”, which prompts the Stoke fans to chant that back at them.
90+3 Surridge booked for worrying the keeper!
90+6 Stoke beat the league leaders…again. It was only 1-0, but that’ll do, donkey!

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