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Stoke City dismissed with ease by Boro

Boro (2) 3 Stoke 0 – 13/3/21 3pm

A poor performance despite 61% possession and Boro cruised past Stoke like they weren’t there. Two first half goals effectively ended Stoke’s chances, and no sub was going to change that. Here’s how this debacle unfolded in real time:
They may be equals in points and form, but when it comes to standards of dressing rooms, that’s all people want to talk about! Stoke unchanged.
0.21 Jacob Brown charges in from the touchline to hit the post! Keeper Marcus Bettinelli surprised, but so are all of us!
20.13 0-1 !!! A low corner from Stoke’s left is poorly defended, and Hall slots home. Feeble by Stoke, as this was a planned set-piece. Against the run of play and all.
29.58 A real neat move involving (surprisingly!) Joe Allen is eventually snuffed out by Bettinelli. It was on its way to being goal of the season.
35.10 Souttar’s long pass to Smith is amazing, and Cracker Smith wins a corner. Interesting to note that the more senior Chester tends to give the ball to junior Souttar to play the ball forward.
38.10 Joe Allen kicks the ball out of Bettinelli’s hands! Ref reckons that’s fine. What’s going on??
39.32 0-2 !! Stoke caught on the break, as McNair runs the length and slides the ball through Souttar and past Gunn.
HT Boro 2 Stoke 0
45.00 Brown replaced by Josh Tymon, so will Clarke move to the right? Yes.
48.10 Stoke remember Fletcher is playing, but the striker is caught offside. 61% possession and he’s hardly had a touch.
55.54 Gunn comes charging out to clear, but McNair almost lobs the hapless out-of-position keeper. Thankfully just wide.
57.30 Powell gets a shot in from a corner, but frankly it’s weak.
63.05 Rabbi Matondo on for Clarke. ??
64.03 Fletcher’s chance comes and goes, as his shot spins wide.
66.05 Harry Souttar charges down the whole pitch for Powell to shoot. Who does Harry think he is???
67.01 Vokes on for Norrington-Davies. Tymon must be left back now.
75.30 Fletcher volleys at the far post from a corner from the left, but Bettinelli saves well. Stoke’s big chance blows away in the wind.
85.30 Vokes snaps a shot, but unsurprisingly it’s blocked. He actually wins a corner though, which might be the best thing he does today.
87.46 0-3 !! Stoke caught drastically on the break. Mendez-Laing lifts it over Gunn, making it look easy.
89.45 Poor challenge by Matondo on the outside corner of the box. Lucky it’s not a penalty or red card. Stoke overwhelmed.
90+2 Allen just wide but it’s not happening. The corner is just the same.
90+3 FT Boro 3 Stoke 0. 11th. Awful.

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