Stoke City falter after decent run, slumping 0-3 to Rovers

Stoke 0 Blackburn (1) 3 – 25/11/23 3pm

City slipped up badly to Rovers and looked toothless up front. After 5 great performances, this was predictable. Stoke slump to 16th. Here’s how this disappointment unfolded in real time:

Stoke finally start Junho (for Vidigal), whilst Rovers arrive with 50% away win rate! Blackburn known for their in-your-face attitude…well, we’ll see.

1.08 Capt Sammie Szmodics breaks and almost lobs Bonham. Just wide. Be afraid!

3.45 0-1 !! EASY EASY EASY! Unmarked Scott Wharton header from a Moran corner from Stoke’s left. OK, it went off the near post, but still he was completely UNMARKED! Alex Neil has probably fainted with anger.

5.15 Great move with City’s Bae Junho setting up Daniel Johnson to shoot, but pushed past the post. McNally almost scores from corner, but hooked over the bar

7.00 Goalscorer Wharton is injured defending in a collision with Gayle, both need treatment, but Wharton replaced by Travis.

14.05 Junho muscles in to head wide from a great cross by Hoever, who looks like he’s having one of his good days. Junho then carves out another chance, but it’s wide. They at least look up for this.

16.40 Capt Sammie through again, but Bonham eases him wide, thankfully. 

24.25 Bizarre moment when Callum Brittain comes out from the faintest of challenges with Hoever, and then holds his face/eye with one hand, and holds his other hand out horizontally in some sort of gesture to no one in particular as if to say, “Wait a minute, I might have something in my eye!” He stops then starts this routine again! What an odd chap. Who did he think he was talking to?

HT 0-1 to Rovers 

Attendance 22652

50.01 Burger tries a header from a corner & finds it’s not as easy as Wharton found it in the first half. 

55.55 Ryan Mmaee replaces Gayle which proves popular with fans. 

58.30 Best moment for Stoke as Rovers try a well-worked free kick, only for Johnson to smartly intercept a simple pass & break up the pitch. 

68.02 Brilliant through ball by Junho, but as there’s no Vidigal, Wesley or Campbell it goes through to the keeper Leopold. 

70.45 Travis throws Junho to the ground & seems surprised to be penalised. 

73.30 Gooch & Campbell on for Leris & Hoever. 

79.00 Wesley & Thompson on for Stevens & Johnson. Now the action switches to the Rovers end. 

85.17 0-2. As Stoke dawdle at the back, & Bonham parries a shot weakly, Andrew Moran puts in the rebound. 

90.10 0-3!! Capt Sammie gets his goal, breaking to round the keeper & slot home from tight …off hapless  who bundles it in!

92.00 Stoke break, but Campbell slices over. 

94.00 Thompson & Pearson pick up unnecessary yellow cards. 

97.00 FT Stoke fail by 0-3. Poor. 

Dave Lee
Dave Lee
Sports Reporter - Stoke City

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