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Stoke City falter in crucial Birmingham 2-2 draw

Stoke 2 Birmingham 2 – 19/2/22 3pm

Tyrese’s two goals somehow failed to grab Stoke all three points. Stoke’s season seems to have stalled, with bad luck or otherwise. Here’s how this debacle unfolded in real time:

Two home games in 5 days. With Stoke dropping into the bottom half, City need SIX points and no excuses, or the season’s over. So, not a good time to do without Sir Nick Powell and cheeky newbie Josh The Maja. Is Clucas up for the job? Well, he’s up against Ryan ex-Stokie Woods, so he’d better be. The curtains could close on this lot if things go pear-shaped this afternoon, so a lot riding on this…
1.57 Ryan Wood, one of the few who didn’t take the knee (uh?) puts a through ball that everyone misses, and Lyle Taylor splashes it wide. Lucky, as Clucas failed to close Woods down.
5.23 Clucas with a clear chance blasts widely over! He won’t get another pearl of a pass from Tyrese.
6.25 Keeper Neil Etheridge’s clearance  is so wild, it hits the top of the stand! That’s commitment! Well, wildness.
11.35 0-1 !! Wilmot’s pass goes astray and Birmingham’s Jordan James sinks the opener. Woods seems to be making the most of things, making himself very unpopular…
24.50 1-1!!! What a weird equaliser!!! Harwood-Bellis floats a gentle lob towards the penalty area from the halfway line, Tyrese chases (just onside) and gets a gentle touch on it, and keeper is stranded! Daft. You gotta laugh!
26.20 Woods loses the ball in the centre circle, and Baker tries to lob the keeper from there!!! I reckon the wind holds it up! Egg on Woods’ face!
40.05 Tyrese sets up unmarked Jake Brown on the edge of the box, but he fluffs his big chance…only for him to get another to fluff from close range! Josh then clips the bar from distance 2 minutes later.
43.30 Lewis Baker gets uppity with Jordan James for snapping at his heels! Cards could be shown soon.
HT 1-1
Attendance 23,502
51.08 2-1 !! Tyrese sinks a cracker. He has time to get in the box, flip it on to his left and thwack home in the far corner. Birmingham fans go VERY quiet!
52.28 Jagielka gets crocked clearing a Blues attack. Nasty.
57.48 2-2 !! Taylor’s cross is missed by Harwood-Bellis, and Gary Gardner slots home. Dismal for Stoke.
69.38 Wright-Phillips on for Clucas. Woods now being kept quiet by Baker! And then Wright-Phillips.
78.35 Fletch on for Tyrese.
84.50 Injured Wilmot is replaced by Tommy Cracker Smith. Be good if he set up the Stoke winner!
89.45 Joe Allen then Wright-Phillips brought down, but ref ignores it!! What is he watching?! Wright-Phillips is everywhere.
90+4 FT Stoke 2 Birmingham 2. Has the season stalled or what?

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