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Stoke City gift Forest the top spot in 2-3 defeat

Christmas comes early at the bet365 as Stoke gift Forest 3 goals & the top spot. Nathan Jones could be having a cold cold Christmas. Here’s how the game unfolded in real festive time.

Worst start to a season, worst manager stats ever, worst performance by a Stoke team in living memory (Crawley). And yet Nathan Jones still has a job. And Paul Hart still thinks he can wonder around with his hands in his pockets like he just doesn’t care…but no, he’s actually taken them out! But the tide is turning, and the fans’ patience is now running out. Forest go top if they win. Stoke stay 2nd bottom if they win. And the SKY cameras are here (but precious few Stoke fans), so this could turn weird at any moment. Stand by for sparks.
0.00 Nick Powell is back, in for Lindsay as Stoke switch to a back 4. Hogan loses his place on the bench completely! Equal top goalscorer, not even in squad. Powell has surely been pretending to be injured so he doesn’t have to play with this bunch. Hopefully he can knock them into shape.
1.47 Ince sets up Gregory brilliantly, but it’s cleared easily off the line. Forest VERY surprised. You and me both.
8.27 Ndiaye charges forward and it’s 6 Stoke players vs 6 defenders. Where have all these players come from??

9.48 1-0!!! Lee Gregory blasts home from close range after Ince’s long range shot is typically charged down around the penalty spot. Ince was never going to score, so Gregory instinctively looked to mop up the ensuing mess.
14.02 Michael Dawson bashes heads with Powell, and then claims it’s not his fault. has he forgot the cameras are in tonight. Replay makes him look a right charlie: he clearly nutted Nick from behind. Nasty. Stoke fans sing about bread. Forest fans look bewildered. Joe Lolley then does something equally stupid (yellow), followed swiftly by Dawson again (yellow) bringing down Clucas, who lies on the floor screaming like a baby.
33.35 Dawson is subbed for 3 reasons, one being he’s having a mare. Forest fans wake up and sing “We’ll sing on our own.” Truthfully, I’d forgotten they were here
35.10 1-1 !! And Jack Butland does it again. Comes for the ball, drops it in collision with striker, poked home by Lolley. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?? WHAT’S WRONG WITH PUNCHING THE BALL, MATE??? As Forest fans sing You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, it should be You’ve Lost All Your Goalkeeping Judgment.
42.00 Oh, now he punches the ball! Bit late now.
43.00 Whilst Watson almost scores a rocket of an own-goal, Sow gets yellowed too. Never known Forest to be so dirty.
HT Stoke 1 Naughty Forest 1
46.54 1-2 !!! Stoke start as they mean to go on. A hopeful cross from Stoke’s left is headed in unchallenged by Sammy Ameobi. As feeble a goal as Stoke are ever going to concede.
47.55 Attendance is given as 23,800, but no one believes that.
50.58 Lindsay on for Ndiaye, as Stoke switch to 3 at the back. No strikers then?
58.39 Handball? Penalty? Thankfully no.Bbut then Vokes isn’t playing, so we might actually score one. I’d pay to see that!
60.38 1-3 ! And Nathan is back on the menu. Stoke carved up on the right…then the left…before Grabban casually poked home. Nathan Jones looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
67.35 Vokes on for Powell. Nick pretended to have concussion, no doubt… Hope we don’t get a penalty now I’ve said all that about Vokes and penalties…
73.45 Tyrese comes on for Gregory. I can almost hear his dad moaning that his Tyrese isn’t getting any play time.
74.40 McClean is dragged back for several seconds and the ref waits till he’s almost raped. McClean is not pleased, but his anger should be aimed at the ref for not protecting the fouled player. Watson is yellowed.
83.55 2-3 !! Blimey, McClean’s head scrapes the ball into the corner from a blistering free kick from the left hand side of the box. Forest back on the menu now. Even though they’re top of the league!
90.00 4 minutes left for Nathan to rescue his career. Keeper Samba though has other ideas, and has gone down despite minimal contact. Time waster, methinks.
90+4 It’s all over for Stoke…but what of Nathan. All 3 goals gifted to Forest. 2-3. We keep on giving.

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