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Stoke City hit by late Bristol sucker punch

Stoke 0 Bristol City 1 – 15/4/22 3pm

This could have been predicted. Stoke crash at home after winning so admirably away last week. Shifting from 3 at the back late on to a ropey back-4 did it for them as MON went for the win. Bonham needs to answer a few questions about the late Bristol winner. Here’s how the game unfolded in real time:
Good Friday high-jinx, as another disappointment (Bristol City) arrive to take the knee with Stoke. 3 wins out of 4 for Stoke, so of course City are unchanged.
3.15 Blatant shove in the back on Fletcher in the box, but the ref is miles away…
10.01 Vrancic goes through Joe Williams, but it’s not a foul. Bristol take the time to have a break, sun-lounger, martini… Williams doesn’t even need the physio.
12.01 Semenyo (he of the best pony-tail of the day) breaks, beats the off-side trap….and blasts over like a lunatic! Stoke fans question loudly what on earth they’ve just seen!
21.15 Tymon has a posterior shoved in his groin, only for the posterior to bounce off and fall down, gaining a foul. Josh is quite angered by this.
31.39 Great save by Daniel Bentley, as Jake Brown’s header looks destined for the corner of the net. Up until then, Capt Bentley was only distinguished by his wild 80s keeper’s strip that makes him look like a tropical fish.
32.59 Bonham gathers the ball less dramatically as it bounces off a Stoke defender into his arms.
44.15 Michael O’Neill hopping mad about a linesman’s decision. Doesn’t seem too bothered by that hip.
45+1 The best moment of the game (if not the season) as Brown and Bentley tussle together, refuse to let go, and tumble over the hoarding together!! Bedlam! Hysteria. Yellow cards all round, and smiles as well. All’s well that ends well. HT 0-0
Attendance 20,298
60.01 Forrester bursts forward and tries to lob the keeper a la Charlie Adam. Nice try, but there can be only one!
61.20 Maja and Sawyers on for Vrancic & Fletch. 20 seconds later, Maja puts in a superb cross, but Brown just fails to connect. Some impact!
66.47 Brown is penalised for brushing past Williams, replay is particularly damning for the ref, as it would have put Jake through. Ref starts getting ironic cheers every time he gives a Stoke free kick.
72.15 Tyrese Campbell on for Will Forrester. Is that 4-4-2?
81.05 Baker hits the bar with an excellent free-kick. (My prediction was the top of the Boothen!)
83.44 0-1 !! Jay Dasilva hits a beaut from the left (Stoke’s right), effectively lobbying Bonham, who minutes before had made a great save. It’s daylight robbery, but Stoke had looked vulnerable after switching from 3 at the back. Smith was being dragged all over the place, and the right side looked unguarded.
90+4 As sure as eggs is eggs, Stoke lose after Albion win. 0-1.

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