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Stoke City muscle past Fleetwood in 2-1 cup win

Stoke (1) 2 Fleetwood (0) 1 – 10/8/21 7.45

A late consolation own-goal by poor old James Chester made this look closer than it really was. Surridge scored again, and Souttar did too, showing no signs of jet-lag at all. Straightforward stuff. Here’s how the game unfolded in real time:
Old, new, borrowed, and blue. Or in other words, the motley crew. Yes, it’s the Stoke City Carabao Cup First Round starting line-up. It’s a time when the manager mixes everything up and hopes the team don’t mess everything up! Old are James Chester and Tom Ince, new are Leo Ostigard and Sam Surridge, borrowed…is Leo again (!) on loan from Brighton, and blue are the players who aren’t making the league starting-11 (like Clucas, Thompson and keeper Adam Davies). Over the River Trent we can see the Vale playing Sunderland. Over the stewards we can see 60 Fleetwood fans (god bless them) who no doubt thought they were on a day trip to Alton Towers. As rollercoasters go, this could be a real comedown for them. The players come out, line-up, give each other a look, before running off without shaking hands. very wise.
00.30 As Adam Porter overcooks a cross, we note that Town defender James Hill is already playing with a bandage round his head. Leo Ostigard is pleading innocence before the players even take the knee!
9.32 Obligatory Tom Ince shot that swings off towards the corner flag. Unchallenged.
11.30 Harry Souttar somehow stretches to stop a clear-cut chance, but the ref looks suspiciously at that before giving a corner. Would he dare give a penalty against such a tall Australian?! Nah, nor me.
18.45 Jordan Thompson taking a lot of punishment. They must think he’s Nick Powell or something!
27.10 The 60 Fleetwood fans, who’ve been quiet all evening checking their Alton Towers tickets, are so bored they’ve decided to have a sing-song, declaring that this must be the library and that Stoke are not famous anymore. At least Fleetwood is famous for the band…Fleetwood Mac (I think). And for not being Blackpool.
44.44 1-0 !! Sam Surridge slots home from a low cross from the right by Tom Ince. Tom had done all the work, running in from the throw-in by the corner flag, but Sam takes all the glory! Stoke are motoring! Hopefully.
HT Stoke 1 Fleetwood Mac 0 (Over the Trent, Vale losing 0-1).
Attendance: 4694, which (it’s claimed) has 174 away supporters! it’s based on tickets sales, I’m told! So where are the other 114?? Alton Towers, no doubt.
51.50 As Sam Clucas links up with Alfie on the left, Vale fall 0-2 behind at Vale Park. Meanwhile, Tom Ince blasts well over the bar (for those playing Tom Ince Bingo).
60.30 Tom Ince furious about being manhandled yet not getting a free kick. Never seem him so irate. His dad can’t be here. Tom and Alfie have clearly been told not to play so deep, and are more wingers than wingbacks this half. Would have thought that would have made them happy. Vale make it 1-2.
68.55 Surridge and Adam Porter replaced by Fletcher and Vrancic. Sam looks like he might have a slight injury. Notice that Vrancic has the stature of a young Glen Whelan…
75.45 Christian Norton on for Jacob Brown.
76.45 2-0 !! Harry Souttar muscles in to head home a Vrancic corner from the right. Leo Ostigard gets a bang on the head during this – I wonder if it’s from Harry! (Replays seem to imply it was him!)
90+5 2-1 !!! James Chester deflects a cross into his own net. The ref then cruelly blows the final whistle before Stoke can kick off again!!
FT Stoke 2 Fleetwood-Not-Blackpool 1 !!

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