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Stoke falter at troubled Derby. City lose 1-2

Derby 2 Stoke 1 – 18/9/21 3pm

Stoke’s dithering defence cost them 2 goals in 2 minutes. Even though Tom Ince miraculously pulled one back, financially-challenged Derby hung on for all 3 points. Here’s how the dithering unfolded in real time:

Never mind Tom Ince replacing red-card Smith, or Clucas in for sore-toe Allen, or Abdallah Sima making his starting debut ahead of Jacob Brown….the big story isn’t even Derby falling into administration…it’s Phil Jagielka starting for Derby. He’s conceded more own goals in Stoke’s favour (mainly as an Everton player) than surely any other player. Usually off a Delap long-throw! So we know where the goals are coming from today (probably not Sam Surridge if Wednesday was anything to go by).
1.55 Vrancic questioning Sima over which player he should mark, as it’s drawing Mario out of position. Sima is clearly his own man.
7.05 Sawyers in tumbled to the ground, and tries to plead Shinnie’s case for not getting yellowed! Derby players think Romaine milked it, but Graeme has the look of butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. (Yes, that’s enough dairy references…)
12.05 Ben Wilmot has twice played reckless balls forward, and MON O’Neill comes storming out of the dugout to rant loudly, his face red with rage. He could do with a scotch to calm him down… (mind you, so could we all!). No sign of Dean and Rory. Oh, hang on, just seen the lesser-spotted Holden very briefly.
26.45 This time Ben does it perfectly for Sima. All that red face was worth it. Result!
30.05 Bursik throws the ball out…and Tom Ince is looking the other way! Stoke need to pay attention!
30.47 0-1 ! As Stoke dither, Derby’s Max Bird gathers and hits a screamer into the top left hand corner. City caught daydreaming. The red-face will be back now!
33.29 0-2 ! More dithering at the back, with Curtis Davies getting between Wilmot and Bursik to head home from an unnecessary free-kick where Sawyers was yellowed. Mistake by Joe, as he should have got that one.
HT Derby 2 Ditherers 0
45.00 Strange but Ince and Sawyers are still on the pitch! If Romaine gets a 2nd yellow or Ince does something silly, it’ll be on MON’s watch. Ince is so poor he hasn’t even blasted a ball wildly over the bar yet!
50.35 MISS OF THE SEASON by Ravel Morrison. As Wilmot dithered over whether to back-pass, and Joe just dithering, Ravel slips in and is left with an open goal!! But misses! Best moment for Stoke!
53.23 Surridge misses another point-blank chance. Looked easier to score. Clucas then hits a cracking half-volley right at the keeper Roos.
57.27 1-2 !! Tom Ince (who is surely about to be subbed) surprises everyone by hitting one back after some good work from Josh on the left, flicked on by Mario who probably should have shot, and Ince finishes it eventually. Tom stays on, but Surridge and Sima are replaced by Brown and Powell.
72.40 Alfie Doughty on for Sawyers, with Josh Tymon moving into the centre. Intriguing.
76.15 Wilmot heads just wide, but the Stoke fans think it’s in, and they get ribbing from the Derby supporters. The Stoke fans are not sympathetic, as they think County are going down.
82.50 With Stoke shots being blocked all over the place (Alfie is playing a blinder down the left), and Brown’s flick header almost deceiving Roos, Clucas is tumbled in the box. But he can lie around as much as he likes, he’s getting nothing.
89.01 Ince caught dithering again, thus having to make an unnecessary challenge. Yellow for Tom.
90+1 MON has to retrieve the ball as the ballboy doesn’t seem bothering! Another of his bug-bears! More fuming from him.
FT Derby cling on, winning 2-1. Their fans celebrate like they’ve won the cup!!

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