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Stunning late 2-1 Stoke City win as Michael comes home!

Michael O’Neill’s home debut ended spectacularly with a late late Diouf winner, after falling behind before the break thanks to ANOTHER Jack blunder. Batth equalised on 55, but it looked like a draw…until the time-added mental winner. How did that happen?? Here’s how it unfolded in real time:
Yet another new dawn!! Welcome Michael O’Neill for his home debut after the blistering 4-2 massacre of weedy Barnsley. No hysterics today, just Nick “I used to play for Wigan!” Powell in for injured Sam “Dunna know where Wigan is!” Clucas. Are we excited…again? Like the Leeds game earlier this year? Of course!!!

01.20 Michael already in the technical area in his long jacket covering his arse.

2.42 Powell hits the bar with a header! More inexplicable is McClean aiming his shot straight at the keeper.
6.15 After Woods lies like a dying fly on the floor unsuccessfully waiting for a free-kick, Ince blasts an obvious goal over the bar from closish range (well for Tom, that is). It’s all Stoke…for now.
13.45 Now Wigan getting in on the act with a ball across the Stoke goalmouth that should have been put in by Massey. Phew!
27.10 Looked like a penalty handball, then Batth is wrestled to the ground in the box…ref not seeing it that way.
29.22 Great save from Butland at strikers’ feet. Best thing I’ve seen from him in months. He’s starting to look like a keeper again.
30.03 McClean & Ward combine but surprised keeper somehow saves. Ward looks like a new player…so far…
38.15 0-1 ! And it’s Butland-Brains again! When Joe Allen loses the ball carelessly in midfield, Butland comes charging out and ricochets the ball to ex-Vale captain Sam Morsy who puts it into an empty net. Jack should have left it to Tom Edwards to clear. Jack’s career so very nearly over.
40.03 McClean lunges in for a yellow card that could so easily have been red! On the edge of the opponent’s penalty area! Why?
HT Stoke (10 men) 0 Wigan (12 men including Butland) 1
48.45 McClean beats FOUR men, and then scuffs his shot. Who’d have thought?
Attendance is a lofty (and not very believable) 22,530
54.48 1-1 !!! as Batth slips home a Woods free kick taken from near the left corner flag. Brilliant! All Stoke now. Wigan fans who’d been reckoning Stoke were “poor” as they were winning away are VERY quiet now. Manager Paul Cook being talked to by ref probably about his rubbish fans.
60.45 Now Gregory hacks Powell’s cross over from the edge of 6 yard box. Seems Stoke need to be less than 3 yards out to score today.
70.30 Sam Vokes replaces luckless Lee Gregory.
74.55 Vokes misses a sitter in front of goal. A brilliant cross from Powell, which sat up nicely for Vokes, but it glances off his head. He didn’t look ready for it!
77.30 Badou Ndiaye on for Woods. A gamble here.
80.34 Great cross by McClean is hit first time by Ince, but the keeper saves. This is the moment to introduce Diouf back to the home crowd in place of shattered Powell. Oh my! Stoke down to 9 men as Joe Allen receives treatment for a head injury. He returns with a bandaged head and a cheeky smile.
88.02 McClean careers off the pitch, but spun back on by Michael O’Neill in an Irish jig type movement. He is man of the match.
89.58 Diouf wins a free kick!!!! Worthy of note… Is that the best thing he’ll do today?
90+3 2-1 !!! Diouf slots home in goalmouth scramble! After Ince’s touch. Crowd goes crazy! Mame gets booked for celebrating! It’s a crazy day at sea!
90+7 Stoke 2 Wigan 1 !!!!! How did that happen?? Wow!!! Morsy & Badou are yellowed after final whistle. Who cares. Stoke are rocking!

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