UHNM Critical Care Nurse Presented Daisy Award

A critical care nurse from University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) has been awarded  a prestigious award after a patient praised him for his encouragement and positivity while recovering from Covid-19.

Chris Morrallee, senior staff nurse in the Critical Care Unit at Royal Stoke University Hospital was awarded The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses which recognises the exemplary compassionate nursing care that nurses and midwives provide to their patients and their families every day.

Patient Paul Gallagher, 64, nominated Chris for the Daisy Award after he helped him with his care and recovery. He said: “Chris was one of the first people who I remember being there when I came out of my induced coma. I do not underestimate the impact he had on my recovery. I am a person who is fairly determined and just wants to get on with things, but when you are feeling that ill, you need that additional support and encouragement. Chris’s encouragement, drive and determination and his positivity was just what I needed.

“While I was in critical care I had the opportunity to watch Chris work. Nothing was too much trouble and he would constantly go out of his way for me and other patients. On one occasion Chris sat with me when I had a tracheotomy, he drew a picture and explained to me in great detail what the tracheotomy was, what it was for and why I could not speak or have food. Once I was discharged from critical care to the ward he would still come and see me on his break to see how I was and I really appreciated that.

“The care I had from Chris, his colleagues, volunteers and doctors was excellent and helped me to get to the stage I am at now. His compassion and empathy helped and inspired me most towards recovery and I cannot thank him enough for that. In our lives we come across people who have a big influence on your life and I am so pleased to say that Chris is one of them.”

Chris said: “I am really surprised to receive this award. It is amazing to be recognised for my hard work and it is encouraging to know that I am seen as a role model to my colleagues. My job is about doing the right thing and to hear the feedback from Paul after being under my care is absolutely wonderful and I am so pleased to receive this award.”

Michelle Rhodes, Chief Nurse at UHNM, said: “The Daisy Award is a special award that is recognised across the world for registered nurses and midwives and it is an absolute honour to present this award to Chris. It means such a lot to be able to celebrate exceptional nurses and Chris is clearly one of those.”

Claire Hughes, Senior Matron for UHNM Critical Care, added: “Ever since Chris started on critical care when he was a teenager we knew he was special due to his exceptional caring nature. He always goes over and above his role to deliver personalised patient care and builds a rapport with patients. He’s is very special to us on critical care and I wish we could bottle more of Chris.”

Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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