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Vale held to a 1-1 Draw as they failed to break Stevenage down

Our own Mike Stubbs described Vales away form as “Jekyll and Hyde” would Vale show the visiting team Jekyll or Hyde. Vale start the match unbeaten at home in the league, but Stevenage headed to Vale park with their first win against Grimsby Town.
Vale make two of changes, but based on last weeks performance it could have a lot more. David Amoo and Christian Montano make a welcome return to the team follow their respective injuries. Pope starts on the bend, possibly playing the role of super sub.
First corner goes to Stevenage, who drift it across, but Vale clears it easily
Jake taylor with a powerful shot low and to the right of the keeper, unfortuntly its to far to the keeprs right and goes out for a goal kick.

Amoo down the right wing with a perfectly placed cross, to Jake Taylor in the centre who had two players making him, but still managed to get the ball in the back of the net.
After 16 mins, Vale start a decent attack but the Vale player is pulled back by his shirt, the ball falls kindly for Vale, but the referee calls it back. No attacking opportunity and not card shown. Vale can feel a little hard done to there.

Taylor with a shot that hits the arms of a Stevenage defender, referee says that there was enough time for his to react, however he did have time to bring his hands in front of his face to handle it away. Lucky escape for Stevenage.

Penalty, as the referee feels that there was a shirt pull against Crooks. Vale fans sing out, “you don’t know what you are doing”. Kurtis Guthrie places the penalty to the keepers right.

The game is starting to turn a little nasty as the gaffer is being held back following an altercation with a Stevenage player.
Corner to Vale with 29 minutes gone, Worrall drifts it in, but too close to the keeper who gets two hands on it.

There is more and more frustration as Stevenage players are going down with the slightest of touches and the referee appears to believe that there was a found. The fans have now started to chant “cheat” not sure if that’s directed at the referee or the Stevenage players.
Scott Cuthbert pulls Montano down and earns himself a yellow.
Mistake at the back from Atkinson giving Stevenage a real opportunity. But Legge gets back and covers the player manging to stop the cross and killing the play.
Vale end the half level, but Vale were the better team throughout. The referee played a big part in that half.

Stevenage get the second half underway.

Bennett lifted off the ground by Ben Nugent, seemed more like a lift from rugby, only difference there is its normally your own team that lifts you.

Atkinson playing from the back, running at the Stevenage midfield, through pass to Montano who goes to the left of the goal. Puts his laces through it to get it across the box, but the defence clear it.

Free kick for vale, puts in to the left side of the goal and the its cleared out to Bennett his smashes it well wide. With a grown from the Vale fans. He should have done better there.
Vale again the better team, but Stevenage are

On the 62nd minute 25 yards out, Bennett smashes the ball towards goal, forcing the keeper to push it over, had that gone in it would have been goal of the season. Great save by the keeper.

Two very different styles of play with Vale, looking to use control and pace and Stevenage using power.

Vale clear the ball off the line, Brown with an impressive save from a strike right on the end of the 9 yard box, then Smith covering the line to clear it. Close call for Vale.
Joyce gives a free kick away on the edge of the Vale box. Kurtis Guthrie lobs the wall the ball is dipping to the keepers right. Brilliant save as he would not have seen that till very late on. The ball comes out but Joyce makes sure Stevenage can do nothing with it and it’s a corner.

With 73 minutes gone, the gaffer decides to change things and bring off Montano and bring on Pope. Stevenage came out in the second half with five at the back and Vale to this point have struggled to break that five down.

Another mistake by Atkinson, in the centre giving the ball away. Smith is there to clear it up though and Stevenage get nothing from it.

Michael Timlin with a shot from the centre of the box, Brown is able to take the sting out of it, but is and bounces out of his hands. Lucky for Vale there is no Stevenage player following it in, So Brown can collect it.

Ball across the box to both Bennett and Pope, Bennett is closest to the ball, gets his head to it, but puts it over. Bennett knows he should have buried that, Pope looks on, should Bennett have left that one for the king of the headed goal, Tom Pope.

This is a match that Vale should have won, but Stevenage made a major change at half time with putting five at the back. Vale didn’t have an answer to that. So, they ended the game with a draw. They keep their unbeaten at home in the league record in tact, but they should have walked away with three points.

4429 with 136 travelling fans

Mike Stubbs
Mike Stubbs
Port Vale Sports Reporter

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