Watford too much for faltering Stoke City as they fold by 2-1


Stoke 1 Watford 2 – 22/1/21 7.45

Watford go marching on, and Stoke’s winless run marches on too. 5 minutes in the 2nd half lose a game they seemed to have some sort of grip on…but never a winning grip. Here’s how the game unfolded in real time:

Baby Jack Clarke (I’m sure he’s only 12) starts for the first time tonight, along with bad boy Chester who comes in for even badder Danny Batth (who made those mistakes in the 3-3 draw last Tuesday… although he did score a cracker too).
17.20 Must be a record: Powell takes 17 minutes to crumple on the floor. Yellow card given for Sierralta too!
24.01 Will Hughes (Santa Claus’ son) lucky not to get a card for giving Clarke a cuddle.
28.20 Chester with his hands all over Pedro. Getting a bit saucy!
31.38 Norrington-Davies does the same thing in the box to Masina. Could easily have been a penalty, as he clearly wasn’t looking at the ball. He needs a word from boss O’Neill, particularly after his silly yellow against Blackburn.
33.30 Femenia gets a yellow, but is soooo indignant after Rhys gets away with it 2 minutes before.
HT 0-0
45.30 Hm. Surprise when first half villain Norrington-Davies is trodden on within seconds of the second half. Coincidence? Jacob Brown warming up.
53.30 Norrington really getting stuck in as Watford clearly targeting the poor Welshman. But then Watford players are moaning about EVERYTHING!
61.00 Santa-junior is substituted…
62.10 Penalty! Bursik brings down Pedro after making a fantastic point blank save.
63.30 0-1 ! Troy Deeney blasts it home from the spot. Bursik nearly predicted correctly.
67.50 0-2 ! Super strike by Sarr, put through by Deeney.
69.30 Norrington strong-arms Pedro who kicks the hoarding in frustration. Naughty… on both sides.
69.55 Fletcher on for Clucas. Too little too late?
76.50 Norrington-Davies replaced by Matondo. A swap of Welshmen.
80.45 Collins & Cleverley come together, and both roll around on floor. Nath gets a yellow, but replay shows it more 50-50.
82.00 Sam Vokes on for Baby Clarke. Men on for boys.
82.37 1-2 ! Fletcher slips in to score down the middle, put through by Joe Allen.
93.22 Overhead kick by Fletcher almost hits the corner flag, but you gotta love him for trying.
95.20 Souttar’s header wide means…
…FT Stoke 1 Watford 2