Werrington community volunteers raise record funds for cancer charity

The Werrington community volunteers based in the library are well known for their support of good causes and for developing new initiatives which enable them to do better each time by bringing together the community in a combined endeavour.

Such was the case with a Coffee Morning fundraiser organised by Betty Johnson and Wendy Sandbrook on Friday 29th September which had a novel raffle prize of a set of four crocheted Christmas characters made by the Werrington Knit & Natter ladies.

Tickets were sold in advance by the ladies, in the Village Surgery, by volunteers and JFK in Washerwall Lane which collectively, with funds raised on the day, produced a record breaking £600 which shows a big increase on previous totals, all thanks to community involvement.

The volunteers have held events for MacMillan since they took over the library to save it from closure seven years ago and more recently held another fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation which raised over £400.

Co-organiser Wendy said that it was a joy to enable so many people to take part and share the achievement and commented – “It was wonderful that we were able to bring the community together for a good cause and have such a lovely, happy and productive event which will help so many people. The Knit & Natter ladies will now have to put their thinking caps on to make something even better for next time so we can fundraise even more!”

And the characters will live on and do even more good as they were won by Ray Pearce the brother of one of the volunteers who is sadly no longer with them, and he plans to donate the full set to a care home for dementia sufferers so they can raise their own funds and so they will have a double life doing good works.

Winner Ray Pearce with his cuddly characters with Knit & Natter
Lady Barbara Hewitt (left) and event co-organiser Wendy Sandbrook.
Tony Mullins
Tony Mullins
Presenter & News Editor

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