Young People Asked to Get Double Jabbed So They Don’t Miss Out

As young people celebrate their A level results they are asked to get their jabs so they can make the most of their future plans.

Public Health England West Midlands is taking the opportunity of A level results day to thank the region’s young people for all they have done to protect themselves and others during the pandemic.

Katie Spence, Deputy Director of Health Protection at PHE West Midlands said:

“Having a social life and spending time with friends is such as an important part of a young person’s life – COVID-19  put a stop to all that, and now there is the opportunity to reclaim some of these lost experiences.

“Today marks a new beginning for many young people getting their A level results. Bright new futures are opening up, whichever path you choose to take. My advice is to recognise the opportunities when they arise and if they are right for you grasp them with both hands.

“Those aged 18 and above who equip themselves with both doses of the vaccine will be able to take full advantage of what is on offer. By doing this you won’t be excluded from joining activities exclusively for the double vaccinated and you’ll  be helping to keep  yourself healthy as well as those around you –– whether they are friends you plan to go on holiday or to college with, or your family members.”

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, who was visiting Sandwell College’s Cadbury Campus today to congratulate students, also thanked young people for their sacrifice during the pandemic. He said:

“The A level results seen across the West Midlands today are exceptional bearing in mind all the challenges students have faced with no face-to-face contact with teachers and their classmates.

“This is a very exciting time for those getting their results today as they embark on a new journey in life, whether that be into higher education, employment, or a gap year. But whatever the path chosen, we want young people to be able to make the most of the opportunities that come their way, and that means getting doubled jabbed to protect themselves and others against this awful virus.”

Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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