Leek Based Coach Company Hit by Extreme Vandalism

A Leek based travel company could be forced out of business following a serious incident of vandalism.

Around 15 youths are thought to have entered the compound of family-owned Aimee’s Travel and smashed 10 vehicle and damaged a vehicle used to transport special needs children to school.

On the company Facebook page Aimee’s Travel posted the following:

“When we went to look, our hearts sank.

“Around 10 windows smashed and also one of our vehicles that is used to transport special needs children to school has been destroyed.”

The destruction included ripping off a door handle, shattering whole panes of glass and denting a door panel.

Rebuking the culprits, the company added: “I hope that you are proud of yourselves. The hurt, devastation and upset you have caused is unreal.”

Pupils across North Staffordshire rely on transport provided by Aimee’s Travel to get to school.

The damaged has been estimated at around £40,000.

The vandalism has sparked outrage on social media and community pages so much so that there has been GOFUNDME and JUSTGIVING pages set up to help the company recover some of the losses.

At the time of publication, £1100 had been raised across the two platforms.

Tony Walley
Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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