District Council commits to Staffordshire Moorlands nature recovery

Nature is in long-term decline and the need for action to reverse this is urgent – and in the Moorlands, the District Council has committed to making nature’s recovery a priority.

The Council has declared a Nature Emergency – a formal acknowledgement of the nature crisis – and made a strong commitment to nature’s recovery.

It follows the publication last year of the Council’s Plan for Nature which was developed in partnership with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, and which recommends how and where the Council’s nature recovery efforts should be prioritised.

Councillor Nigel Yates, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “I’m delighted that the Council has made this strong commitment to nature recovery – is a clear statement of our intent to do all we can to respond to the nature emergency and halt, and reverse, the decline.

“The climate crisis and the nature crisis are linked and the need for us to take action now to address both emergencies could not be clearer. Here in the Moorlands, we are committed to doing that.

“Making this important, public declaration strengthens, and gives focus to, our Plan for Nature and the work we are doing as a Council, and with our partners, to tackle nature decline which, in turn, will have beneficial effects for the climate and for biodiversity.”

Liz Peck, Advocacy and Campaigns Manager from Staffordshire Wildlife Trust said: “The natural world is in trouble – with one in six species facing extinction here in the UK. Local authorities play a vital role in tackling this nature crisis as their policies and decisions have an impact on local wild places and species. They decide what will be built and where, how they manage public green spaces and where they create more space for nature.

“It’s great to see Staffordshire Moorlands District Council showing real ambition in its commitment to support nature recovery, through both its Nature Recovery Declaration and Plan for Nature. As well as helping struggling wild species, a healthy natural environment is fundamental to the wellbeing of local residents. Spending time in nature has been shown to improve health outcomes, as well as protecting communities from the impacts of climate change.”

Tony Mullins
Tony Mullins
Presenter & News Editor

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