New Vic Theatre Postpone Their Production of Marvellous to Spring 2022

The New Vic Theatre in Staffordshire has postponed their forthcoming production of Marvellous, due to go into rehearsals shortly at the theatre-in-the-round, due to the impact of covid-related absences and self-isolation on the pre-production process.

The theatre is committed to bringing Marvellous to the stage at a time where there will be a lower risk of disruption to the artistic process and now plan to produce the show as part of their Spring 2022 season.

Theresa Heskins, New Vic Artistic Director said:

“Through thick and thin, the prospect of doing this show has given us cause to smile. So we’re gutted that we’ve had to make the difficult decision to postpone it once again.  It’s such an important play.  We know it will offer an opportunity for a wonderful and meaningful celebration; we know it will be a story that will bring people together; we know it will spread happiness.”

The theatre has notified all actors and freelance staff contracted for the project and will honour all payments for these employees, and the New Vic’s Box Office team are in the process of contacting all existing ticket holders for the show to discuss their options with them.

Tony Walley
News & Sport Editor

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